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What Is Edgebanding?

American Made Glue Pot Edgebander

Since edge banding comes in relatively thin strips, it is usually easy to cut it to fit the particular needs of your project. Cut larger pieces to start, so you can make adjustments later and minimize waste. It will always be easier to trim the edges to fit rather than cutting an entirely new piece. The surface of the wood must be prepared for the edge banding. Any dust, wood chips, shards, residue or sand must be cleaned away or the edge banding may not stick well.

Some edge banding may use a self-stick method, like a sticker where you peel away the paper backing and then apply pressure. However, most edge banding comes with a hot-melt adhesive. You apply the edge banding using a clothes iron set on low heat. To prevent damage to the iron, use a sheet of aluminum foil between the banding and the iron. You can also glue on edge banding with contact cement and apply pressure with a roller.

Once the edge banding is applied, it is supremely important to do any last minute trimming or sanding with extreme care. The banding is very thin and a large-grain sandpaper or a careless gesture with trimming tools could render the edge banding useless as an aesthetic cover.

The Edgebanding Machine
While edge banding is not a particularly difficult science to master, there does exist a machine–the edgebander–that will handle most aspects of the job all by itself making the process much easier and faster. This may be useful when working in bulk and/or when repeating one furniture piece several times. The edgebanding machine will feed the material, bond the edge banding to the surface in question, and trim the edges.

Safety Speed Mfg. offers two different edgebanding machines that will accomplish this task with ease. The 72GP features a high quality glue pot with adjustable glue extrusion while the 60HA is a hot air unit with an adjustable heat nozzle that saves energy. Both of these models have digital electronic temperature control, micro adjust tape guides, accutrim edge trim systems with heavy duty router motors, electromagnetic end cutters and more…

Source: Joseph Burke-eHow Contributor

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