We are roughly pocketing over 1M holes a year!! I’m not sure what your production is but I’d bet this 301HD will do all the work you need with NO down time. Learn More »

Robert Moore, Owner, Moore’s Country Woodcrafting, INC

My Safety Speed machine is the best thing since sliced bread. It cut our production time by over 65%.

Gary Eubanks, Tusa Office Solutions, Carrollton, TX.

The 4375 Widebelt Sander is a great machine. I’ve been running the 20HP 3ph version for about 5 years now. As expected, it is a workhorse that will far outlive me. Learn how Roltgen Woodworks did it »

Jeff Roltgen, Owner, Roltgen Wood Works

Our shop space is small. With the addition of our Safety Speed C4 Panel Saw, we now have large shop production.

Curt Abrecht, Allenwood, NJ.

My Safety Speed Panel Saw had doubled our production and is very accurate and easy to use.

Joseph Brown, Langlois, OR.

We have owned an H5 Panel Saw for over 30 years. Absolutely the best! Do yourself a favor and get one. Great Saw, Great Company!

Peter Levine, West End, North Carolina

From big table tops to face frame stock there is nothing our Safety Speed Wide Belt Sander can’t make nice and smooth!

Greg Fedeczko, Edwards, CO

This machine has saved hours of table saw setup time. It’s easy to use and is safe for students just learning how to use power tools, which is a big deal in my world. Great Machine!

Chris Walsh, Houston, TX.

I love this tool! With limited shop space, the H5 solved all my problems. Its small footprint makes it ideal for any shop. My only regret is not getting one sooner.

Peter Coffee, Sandy, Utah.

I just purchased this SSC 250 at the SGIA Show in Las Vegas. I had it up and was using it the very next day. I really love being able to cut a full 8′ length of PVC. That is always the worst cut to make.

The very first job that I used it on, I cut our over 300 7″ PVC squares for some display boards that I needed to do for a customer. Needless to say, I could not have realistically done that job without the cutter.

I compared the SafetySpeed cutter to all the other cutters that I could find out there. The SafetySpeed Cutter is by far the best value.

Ralph Mittman, Printpost, El Cajon, CA

Our Safety Speed Panel Saws are the most reliable, essential and flexible tools we have.

G.M. Humpries, Staunton, VA.

Our Safety Speed Panel Saw/Router is one of the best pieces of equipment we have purchased in a long time. It is so easy, and safe to use I have my first year students using it.

Lee Matthew, Houston, TX.

Our 7 year old Safety Speed Panel Saw has ripped in excess of 6 million feet of plywood! The durability has been outstanding.

Ken Ervin, Farmer's Branch, TX.

We purchased an H5 panel saw 10-12 years ago. We have used it daily since then. The reliability has been excellent. Great product!

David Turner, Savannah, GA

This is the perfect tool for my small wood shop. The router makes for easy and quick dadoes/rabbets for cabinet sides, drawer bottoms, etc. The change from saw to router is quick and the extra power makes routing a breeze. It is the perfect accompaniment to my table saw and relegates my poor little router to simpler, smaller tasks!

Steve, Pops Custom Cabinets, Corona, CA

This Safety Speed Panel Saw is very easy to use and reliable. I am not as worried about students using this saw to cut their wood and to make true cuts.

Glen Tice, Langham Creek High School

This tool has replaced my table saw for anything more than a quarter sheet of plywood. And then only if I have my router mounted and I don’t want to change over for a few simple small cuts.

Basically, I have a healthy respect/fear of a table saw. And this tool has made it possible to complete many projects I would not have attempted as a result.

Gary Crumrine, Stafford, VA

Our Safety Speed Saw, as far as I’m concerned, is the best saw and easiest to use on the market today. It is safe to use and very reasonably priced.

Jeremy Kaul, Bismarck, ND.

We really enjoy using our 6400 series Safety Speed Panel Saw. It has made our work much easier. We use a lot of 5’x5′ stock plywood and squaring up our panels has been wonderful!

David Sommers, Oswego, KS

We had been using another manufacturers machine for years and were constantly burning out motors which are hard to change and their tooling was hard to change also. When we made the switch to Safety Speed’s SPM301HD pocket machine our production went up. It is smoother, faster and quieter to use and we are not burning out motors. We do thousands of pocket holes per day and the reliability of the motors is great! This great design was needed for the pocket cutting industry for a long time.

Craig Klingsporn, Lakeville, MN