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Advantages of Choosing a Vertical Panel Saw and Shelving the Table Saw

choosing the right panel saw from America's leading manufacturer of vertical saws
Benefits of cutting plywood with a 6480-20C Panel Saw

When you’re looking to invest in your shop, it’s important to make sure that you’re investing in a machine that will not just meet your current needs, but also meet your needs 10 years from now. Many of our customers have used the vertical panel saw for 15+ years with minimal maintenance, after-all, our vertical panel saws have been made in Minnesota since 1958. We had one of our loyal dealers ask us if we could share what sets our machines apart from the classic table saw, and we decided to share it with everyone else. It’s also important to understand how to choose the right panel saw for your operations. Our new, 6480-20C Panel Saw has become a favorite for a lot of shops limited on space, valuing the reliable Milwaukee Tool Motor.

  1. Save your back!

    • Vertical panel saws allow gravity to be your friend and pull the saw to the bottom of your panel. If you follow proper technique and use your vertical panel saw long enough during the day, you may get your squats in for the day! Our saw head allows you to lock your saw in place at 90-degree increments for performing rip (horizontal) or crosscuts (vertical).
    • How do you make a crosscut with a vertical panel saw?
      1. Load a panel on the frame of the machine. Our maximum cut thickness is largely dependent on our vertical panel saw model type, ranging from 1 3/4” to 2 1/8” of an inch in maximum thickness allowed.
      2. Align the material with our built-in vertical and horizontal rulers, making your measurements simple and quick.
      3. Turn the motor on and pull the saw down along the guide tubes to the bottom of the frame. Gravity is your friend and helps you pull the saw through your cut.
        • Cutting smaller panels? Invest in a Mid-Way Fence for processing panels at waist level.
      4. That’s it! It’s so easy that even the marketing guy can do it!
    • How do you make a rip-cut on vertical panel saw?
      1. Pull up on the two index pins in the motor carriage, and rotate your saw blade 90 degrees. Make sure your saw motor is facing the direction that you will be pushing your panel through. Arrows on the saw carriage provide a reference for this. 
      2. Pull the saw carriage down to the correct cutting height using the provided measurement indicators. 
      3. Load your panel into the machine and align it with our built-in vertical ruler indicator to make a precise cut. 
      4. Turn the saw on and push your panel through with ease, made possible by our frictionless material rollers.
  2. Cutting Short Lengths off Large Panels Has Never Been Easier

    • Whether you’re making a 1/8” of an inch cut, or a 48” inch cut, a Safety Speed panel saw provides the safest, most accurate, and fastest, way for cutting short lengths off your panel.

    • It’s in our name, but in reality, our machines are engineered with many key features with your safety in mind while saving your back! Vertical panel saws provide the safest cutting method by minimizing blade exposure to the operator, and reducing contact with it. Ever see a table saw that does that?
  4. Gravity and Physics are on Your Friend when Cutting Vertically!

    • Call Us at our Minnesota factory and we’ll answer this question and any other questions you may have! 
  5. Panel Saws Virtually Eliminates Kickback from your sheet goods when Cutting Vertically!

    • Vertical panel saws hold your panel in place when making a vertical cut. Construction of our machine eliminates panels from inadvertently being pushed back at you while you’re making a cut.
  6. Save Space

    • We make a vertical panel saw that processes a 10′ X 6′ piece of material while only occupying 30′ square feet in your shop. Adding a vertical panel saw allows you to gain more space in your shop by reducing the size of your horizontal cutting operations!
    • Do you ever have to remove miscellaneous items that have found its way onto your table saw surface before making a cut?
      • This will never happen with a vertical panel saw.
    • Many of our customers fill the space saved with our SPM301HD Screw Pocket machine, a machine capable of machining 5,000 low angle screw pocket per day!
  7. Enforce Social Distancing and Increase Efficiency

    • Eliminate the need for a second person to safely and accurately process your panels.
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