Cut Gypsum the Easy Way

Process gypsum panels with the new vertical gypsum cutter (VGC515), a cutting system which scores material vertically or horizontally. The VGC515 is equipped with two, easily retractable utility blade cartridges allowing for easily switching from horizontal or vertical cutting. Cut gypsum panels easier, safer and more accurately than other cutting methods. The VGC515 simplifies gypsum processing while being run by 1 operator and with minimal dust.

System Includes:

Optional Upgrades

  • Replacement utility blades

vertical gypsum cutter

VGC515 Specifications

Machine Footprint
15′ X  3′ = 45sqft
Cut Accuracy:
Maximum Crosscut
Maximum Ripcut:
298 lbs.

*Please Note: Customer Setup will be required to attach two main sections of the frame (5′ section’s connection to the main 10′ frame and align according to the floor underneath the machine. Professional Setup is available.

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Showing all 2 results