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Reduce Your Sanding Time By 70%

Sanding wood with a Wide Belt Sander

If you’re a professional or regular woodworker that does a lot sanding by hand, then a wide belt sander is definitely a finishing tool you should consider purchasing. Woodworkers have shown to reduce their sanding time up to 70% leaving them with a lot more time to spend on the more enjoyable aspects of the craft.

Safety Speed Manufacturing builds two different models of wide belt sanders that are easy to use and maintain because they are made from high quality components. They feature heavy welded construction to reduce vibration, a photo electric eye system for belt tracking control, emergency stops, simple controls, a 6” internal steel dust chute, a variable speed conveyor system and 4 acme-threaded jackscrews that support the table.

The model 3760 wide belt sander is perfect for the small woodworking shop. This American made wide belt sander produces high-quality finish results and the tolerances of high production machines without the high investment costs. It uses a 37”x 60” sanding belt, is available with either a 15hp three-phase or 10hp single-phase motor, has a 2 1/2” removable platen, 2 height adjustment indicators and an easy grip handle for simple table height adjustments. Add the optional digital readout for added precision and the hour meter for scheduled maintenance.

The model 4375 is a high capacity American made wide belt sander that is ideal for a busy shop that requires more width capacity than our 37” model. Its 43” x 75” belt has 25% more abrasive surface than the model 3760, has a fully adjustable platen and a variable speed DC powered conveyor table. Its rugged 2 1/2” pinch rollers, 4 1/2” idler rollers and 5 1/4” contact roller combined with a 10, 20, or 30 hp motor make it a production workhorse. An optional digital readout, hour meter, and power lift table are available on this unit for increased precision and productivity.

Wide belt sanders are becoming more of a permanent fixture in today’s woodworking shops. Their ability to save craftsmen countless hours per year combined with a high quality consistent finish demonstrates a reason for their increasing popularity.

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