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Cutting And Routing On One Vertical Frame

Vertical Saw and router for processing aluminum composite material

When routing and cutting are necessary to your operation, woodworkers should seriously consider adding a combination Vertical Panel Saw/Router to their shop.  These handy tools switch from a saw to a router in less than a minute without having to do any realignment whatsoever.  Woodworking enthusiasts can enjoy all the features of vertical panel saws including; space savings, safety features, accuracy, one person operation, vertical and horizontal cutting capability, etc.  These combination machines are ideal for cabinet shops or any operation that requires plowing or cross dados in addition to sizing panels.  Features for routing include a depth adjustment, hold down clamps, dado stops,  and a vertical router lifting platform that allows the router to plunge into, and raise out of the work at anytime.   Safety Speed Manufacturing  offers two different models.  The SR5 uses a 1 ¾ hp router and a 3 ¼ hp saw while the SR5U features a heavier 3 1/4 hp router motor and a heavy duty worm drive saw, machined aluminum material rollers, and an enclosed counterweight.  Both the SR5 and SR5U come standard with a midway fence and material clamps for those small cutting jobs.

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