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Midwestern Cabinet Maker Doubles Pocket Hole Production With Industrial Screw Pocket Machine

pocket hole joinery performed by a cabinet maker on face frames

Safety Speed Manufacturing Screw Pocket MachineStill less than five years since entering the market, our Screw Pocket Machines have redefined joinery operations in wood shops. Machining a pocket with a 6 degree pilot hole in under a second, our SPM301 and SPM301HD Screw Pocket machines make quick work of wood. Lifelong Woodworker and owner of Moore’s Country Woodcrafting, Inc, Robert Moore received our very first screw pocket machines and has seen the value in our American Made Screw Pocket machines, pocketing over 1M holes a year and doubling production. He even sent us the following message regarding our machines:

Our Safety Speed Pocket Hole machine has allowed us to double our production, if not more!! The production with the newest version (301HD) has allowed us to increase our business with even more product lines.

We were using a competitors machine that just could not do or keep up with the production we needed. We went to the Vegas woodworking show 4 years ago to look at our option and that’s when we started looking into the Safety Speed products. The first machine that we’d purchased (and the second) were the double router versions (301) from Safety Speed which got us where we needed to be. We started having to repair or replace the router and contacted Safety Speed about the issue and the next week they had their people here on site to review our issues (what company does that). After working and sharing our info with their people they designed a heavy duty

Screw Pocket Machine in Actionmachine to meet our demands. The New design was far superior to the first machine with an air motor for the pilot hole and a heavy duty high frequency 3ph spindle router for the pocket. With the new machine, (301HD) and that combination, we are roughly pocketing over 1M holes a year!! I’m not sure what your production is but I’d bet this 301HD will do all the work you need with NO down time.

We did have an issue but that was all on us. We weren’t oiling the air motor as often as we should. 1 – 2 drops in the line feeding the air motor is all we had to do. Recognizing an area for improvement, Safety Speed solved this issue by adding an an automatic oiler to the machine. Now 2+ years since replacing that motor the machine runs at least 6 hrs. a day 5-6 day every week!

If you are looking for a well built, high production machine, Safety Speed has it!

Robert Moore
Moore’s Country Woodcrafting, INC

If you have any questions regarding our Screw Pocket Machines, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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