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Quad Cities Entrepreneur Founds Woodworking Academy

woodworking tools that assisted Luna in building his guitar

An average career in the woodworking industry has likely endured as many turns as your lathe does on an ordinary day in the shop. Illinois entrepreneur, Mark Luna is no exception and a self-taught woodworker, having discovered woodworking after retiring and owning four McDonald’s franchises for 28 years. Luna, a lifelong Quad Cities resident, has lived in Galesburg, Monmouth, Clinton and the Quad Cities. With retirement, he began exploring other passions, including teaching himself guitar. When he couldn’t find the guitar model of local legend, Johnny Lang, he attended the Chicago School of Guitar Making. Equipped with the skills necessary to build it, he crafted it himself. It ended up taking him 311 hours, was seen by the original designer, and was played and signed by Lang himself.  During this project, he realized that he should’ve explored this passion much earlier in life.

Sound Foundation Work BenchIn his quest to teach himself woodworking, he attended several career development opportunities including the Handworks show in Amana, Iowa where he met fellow woodworkers and makers. He also attended Bad Axe Saws in La Crosse, Wisconsin where he learned how to make and sharpen industry leading saws and participated in Plate 11’s workbench building class where he learned joinery, and planing techniques. Equipped with these skills, his mind was set on the big picture and making a difference in the woodworking community around him, which provided him an abundance of happiness since retiring.

Dedicated to sharing his newfound passion of woodworking with those in the community, Luna founded Sound Foundation Woodworking Academy (Sound Foundation), aimed at providing woodworkers with industry leading machines and classes. Sound Foundation prioritizes diversity and inclusion, offering women only classes, allowing women to opportunity to network, build and learn together.

Additionally, Sound Foundation will be opening its doors to Boy Scout Chapters for building pinewood derby cars, and Girl Scout Chapters for building birdhouses. Sound Foundation will be offering classes open to the public covering: joinery, blade sharpening, cutting boards, Japanese tool chests, Dutch tool chest, Steltman chairs, band saw box, sign making and end tables. Sound Foundation will be hiring local instructors as well as instructors from across the USA to teach these classes.

Sound Foundation Woodworking Logo

Sound Foundation will be opening later this summer with an open house including live demonstrations on the machines and for shop tours between 9AM-5PM.   Music, refreshments and a giveaways will be part of the festivities.  Sound Foundation is located at 5000 Tremont Ave, Suite 105. Davenport Iowa, 52807.

Luna prioritizes American Made Machines. One of Luna’s most recent additions include our 3760 Wide Belt Sander. He valued the higher horsepower and that it’s made an American Made machine. Luna has already put it to work on the work benches built for the shop. Additionally, he plans on using it to teach students how to make cutting boards, as well as dimensioning wood.Wide Belt Sander

We’re thrilled to have machines used to teach woodworkers in educational settings, and making a difference in local communities like Luna is doing in the Quad Cities. Our ties to the Quad Cities and Illinois Plains run deeper than just a machine. Our Marketing Manager, Justin Rinaldi is a Western Illinois University graduate.

For any questions regarding Sound Foundation, visit or email Mark Luna at [email protected] Sound Foundation is located at 5000 Tremont Ave, Suite 105. Davenport Iowa, 52807.

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