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Work Cell Wednesday: Assemble

pocket hole joinery, work cell Wednesday article photo

Aimed with increasing production and profit in woodworker’s shops across the country, Safety Speed’s SPM301 Screw Pocket machine simultaneously cuts and drills a pilot hole at a 6 degree angle in one motion, in under a second. Watch it in action! This machine is the fourth and final component of the All-American Work Cell and Work Cell Wednesday.

Joining various different types of wood? This machine makes quick work of wood with hardness as low as pine, and as high as hickory on the Janka hardness scale!

Working with Conquest Industries and part of the All-American Manufacturing Cell, the SPM301 drilled the holes on the bookcases donated which were put together at the International Woodworking Fair and donated to the Atlanta Mission.

Using this machine for 4 or 5 hours per day? Check out our SPM301

Using it 8+ Hours per day? Our SPM301HD steps up power with an industrial Columbo Spindle motor for those high production jobs. 

The SPM301 Screw Pocket Machine optimizes your time with:

  • An easily adjustable back fence for adjusting your web quickly, allowing for multiple screw lengths.
  • A smooth mechanical action instead of air forced
  • An easily adjustable pocket depth by turning a handle and looking at your depth gauge using an acme threaded screw. One adjustment takes care of both motors.
  • A convenient dust port built in by pocket boring motor to collect most of the dust
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