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Using Stops To Improve Panel Saw Productivity

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One of the easiest ways to improve panel saw productivity is through the use of stops. There are typically a few different options to choose from:

-The first method is utilizing a QUICK STOP® Gauge that consists of a metal extrusion with an embedded scale and an adjustable stop block. This type of system provides an easy to use method of making repeat cuts at any length. This system also has an optional digital readout that mounts on the stop block adding digital precision and repeatability.

-The second method is by using a Stop Bar Gauge. This is a multiple stop system for production shops. It consists of a metal extrusion with an embedded scale and multiple flip stops. This method makes it very easy to set up a variety of stops at different lengths thus eliminating the need to take multiple measurements.

-Lastly, the SAWGEAR and TigerStop systems streamline the cutting process with automatic length measuring. The user simply enters a dimension on a keypad and the stop device will move to the exact position for vertical cuts. Both of these devices have the ability to store multiple cut lists, in addition the TigerStop has the ability to download cut lists from your computer and optimize your usable stock by calculating the maximum yield. Both of these optional measuring devices are available for all the 7400 Series Vertical Panel Saws built after June 1st, 2012.

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