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3 Common Gluepot Edgebander Mistakes

Glue Pot Edgebander, made in the USA

Listed below are three common mistakes woodworkers make that affect the edgebanding process when using a glue pot edgebander.

1. Forgetting to turn the heat off if the gluepot edgebander is not in use for 30 minutes or more.
Ideally, a gluepot edgebander has a built-in standby temperature reduction mode. If the machine is left standing unused for more than 30 minutes the glue temperature is reduced until the operator engages the machine. This feature will dramatically increase the lifespan of the glue and glue pot. If your machine is not equipped with this feature, make sure to turn it off while not in use.

2. Adding too much glue to the glue pot.
The glue reservoir should be filled to a minimum level that covers the thermocouple. It is very important that the glue pot not be filled too full. For most shops edgebanding two hours or less per day, keeping the glue level ¼” below the heating fins ensures that new glue will be added frequently. This will keep the glue fresh, ensuring maximum adhesion at all times while reducing cleaning and maintenance.

3. Neglecting to perform routine maintenance on the machine and parts.
– The glue reservoir must be cleaned regularly of burnt glue build up.
– Lubricate the glue spindle drive chain periodically with a high quality chain lubricant.
– Spray the end trim guillotines with WD-40 or equivalent to reduce glue and particle build-up.
– Using compressed air, blow out the areas where cut pieces accumulate. Unfortunately, most machines will not capture all of the cuttings using dust collection systems.
– Inspect and clean the tracer bearings to make sure they are clean and free of debris. These bearings are located in front of the upper and lower router bits. The bearings ride on the material as the trimming takes place.

Make sure to refer to your owner’s manual for other maintenance requirements that are specific to your edgebander model.

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