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Introducing our New A-Line Substrate Cutters

sign cutting machine, top substrate cutter for sign production shops

Our NEW A-Line Substrate Cutters provide a dust free cutting system for processing essential sign making materials. Available in three sizes with maximum crosscuts of 65”, 82”, and 98”, each substrate cutters include a single blade cartridge cutting up to .75”, a three blade cartridge cutting up to .5”, an ACM cutting wheel cartridge, Acrylic scoring cartridge, and a wall mounting kit to mount your cutter.  These cutters provide the ideal solution for processing:

  • Corrugated Plastic (.5”/13mm)
  • PVC (.5”, 13mm)
  • Foam board (.5”, 13mm)
  • Aluminum Composite Panel (.16”, 4mm)
  • MDF (.12”,3mm)
  • Acrylic (.25”, 6mm)
  • Honeycomb board (.75”, 20mm)
  • Magnetic sheets (.16”, 4mm)

V-Grooving, and aluminum cutting wheel (cutting aluminum up to .063”) cartridges are available. Cutting different materials, the interchangeable tool cartridges can be changed in under 10 seconds providing you versatility for switching between projects without sacrificing time.

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