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Cabinet Makers Visit and See American Made Panel Processing Machinery Being Built

Vertical Panel Saws and Wide Belt Sanders on display in showroom of America's Leading Manufacturer of Vertical Panel Saws
American Made Wide Belt Sander in production viewed by Cabinet Makers

The Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) hosted a regional meeting in Minneapolis and stopped by for a shop tour and lunch.  Despite being a “regional” meeting, members came in from Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Kansas in addition to Minnesota, and the neighboring states. Highlights of our tour included:

A special Thank You goes out to the CMA for including us on their tour. Other local businesses that were also part of the regional meeting included Siewert Cabinet & Fixtures, Northland Woodworks, Service Grinding & Sharpening Inc, and 3M

Screw pocket jig in production, visited by Cabinet Makers
Cabinet Makers Touring American Made Panel Processing Machinery
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