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Work Cell Wednesday: 23 Spindle Line Boring Machine

line boring machine

The second component of the All-American Manufacturing Cell and Work Cell Wednesday is Conquest Industries Pneumatic 23-Spindle Line Boring Machine. It allows for a simple and hassle free line boring process. Simply align your panel of wood within the machine and press your foot down on the pedal and holes are bored!  Note that as of 2020, this machine has been discontinued. 

As you may recall, Safety Speed and Conquest partnered together to produce bookshelves for the Atlanta Mission, a 501(c)(3) organization serving Atlanta’s homeless population. Panels were cut to size using our 7400 Vertical Panel Saw, then bored using this machine.

 Key Features include:

  • Pneumatic foot pedal operation for fast cycle times
  • Boring multiple holes at one time
  • Optional Fence Capacity & Flip Stops.
  • Operates at 80-100 PSI
  • Baldor motor, 3,450 rpm, 2ph- 200 volt (11.5 amps) 60 Hz Single phase
  • 32mm centers, distance between first and last drill = 28.75’


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