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Updates to TR2 and 3400 Panel Router Machines

Panel Router ideal for cabinet shops

The gauging system and dust kit are now standard equipment on our TR2 Router. Equipped with a heavy-duty 3+ horsepower motor, the TR2 easily cuts standard dados, blind dados as well as full-length rabbets. One person operation makes this machine well suited for wood shops, schools, display manufacturers and cabinet shops. Optional accessories now include an extension table, air clamps, and a vacuum.

Wheels, a stand and a dust kit are included as standard equipment on our 3400 Panel Router. The 3400 allows for routing panels vertically and horizontally on a 10’, heavy-duty steel frame with a powerful, 3+ horsepower motor. The specially designed router platform provides a consistent alignment from the face of the panel assuring a consistent depth of cut with a tolerance of 1/64”. The 3400 is the best choice for dependable routing, including standard dados, blind dados, rabbet dados or v-grooving applications . Optional accessories now include our air clamps and a vacuum.

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