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Top Reasons For Sign Shops To Own A Panel Saw

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Vertical panel saws allow signmakers and graphic production shops to cut a large variety of sign blanks safely, easily and accurately. Simply speaking, vertical panel saws are designed to cut large sheet goods into smaller more manageable pieces and do it much more efficiently and accurately while only requiring one operator. For sign shops, this is a great way to save money and time by cutting their own custom sign materials with ease. Almost all sign substrates can be cut with a vertical panel saw such as acrylics, hardwoods, melamine, aluminum, foamboard, pvc, corrugated plastic, and polycarbonates just to name a few.

Anyone who has tried to size a 4 x 8 or larger panel on a table saw or by a hand-held circular saw knows that it is anything but simple, not to mention dangerous. As our name implies, our panel saws include important safety features not found on most table saws. Our blade enclosures significantly reduce the risk of casual contact with the operator and our precision guide systems eliminate the need for a fence which is the cause of most serious kickback injuries.

Our panel saws are also very easy to operate and maintain. Every saw is fully assembled and aligned in our factory to our exact tolerances and specifications. This ensures that our customers will get a high quality, straight cut the first time they use their saw. The saw frame that supports the panels features one-piece, welded construction which is critical to the alignment, accuracy and safety of the machine. Our strong guide tube system is also welded as one unit to assure absolute alignment with the frame. The saw motors that are built into our panel saws have been specially selected and adapted for use in this kind of machine. All this translates to a very fast learning curve for the customer and continued accuracy over the life of the saw.

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