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Small Business Owner Finds Value in our American Made Wide Belt Sander

Wide belt Sander, single drum in woodworking shop

Jeff Roltgen, a dedicated woodworker by trade and owner of Roltgen Wood Works in Rapid City, South Dakota faced the daunting process of increasing production in his shop without risking his American Dream. He recognized the superior value in our 4375 Wide Belt Sander and wrote us this testimonial on how it’s performed.

Widebelt Sander
Roltgen’s Wide Belt Sander

The 4375 Widebelt Sander is a great machine. I’ve been running the 20HP 3ph version for about 5 years now. As expected, it is a workhorse that will far outlive me.

A salesman told me I’d need a $45,000 European made machine with air suspension platen to sand veneers safely. Not so. This machine does it just fine, countless times now. I recently completed another table top veneering project. Using 220 grit paper, I was able to sneak up on the perfect surface by increments of .005″ with no sand through. Pretty amazing. (Key is, be sure to sand substrates to equal thickness prior to veneering, that way your veneers will be sanded at equal increments, reducing risk of sand through).

Seems each time I use it, this machine has me walking away with a smile, as it does so much work in so little time with very, very nice results. Even the fussiest of finishes only need a cursory random orbit sanding after coming out of this machine. (And I am terribly fussy!)

Just wanted to say how happy I still am, this many years after buying it, no doubt many more to come.

I invite you to join me, and quit exporting American dollars overseas. Clearly, there are still proud craftsmen right here in the Midwest producing top grade equipment. Their products can help you produce top grade woodwork.

Thank you, Safety Speed!

At Safety Speed, our passion is building strong relationships by offering superior quality and value through manufacturing panel processing and fabricating equipment. We’re pleased to have lifelong customers like Jeff which see the value in our American Made tools. We also produce the 3760 Wide Belt Sander, which provides a maximum working space of 36″

Click here to download our Wide Belt Sander Spec sheet

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