The new SSC 250A is a revolutionary vertical cutter offering  a maximum crosscut of 98″. It’s the ideal cutting solution for processing the following panels

  • Corrugated Plastic up to.5”/13mm thick,
  • PVC  up to .5”, 13mm thick,
  • Foam board up to .5”, 13mm thick,
  • Aluminum Composite Panel up to .16”, 4mm thick
  • MDF (up to .12”,3mm thick,
  • Acrylic up to .25”, 6mm thick,
  • Honeycomb board up to .75”, 20mm thick,
  • Magnetic sheets up to .16”, 4mm thick.

This cutter includes the following cartridges:

• Single blade cartridge cutting up to 20mm/.75in
• Three blade utility cartridge cutting up to 13mm/.5in
• ACM Cutting Wheel cartridge
• Acrylic scoring cartridge

This machine features a 98″ maximum crosscut while the 165A features a 65″ maximum crosscut and the 210A features an 82″ maximum crosscut. There are no other differences between our substrate cutters.

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A truly affordable finishing solution for any sign making business. These units are designed to cut cleanly and accurately without dust and noise. The interchangeable tool cartridges that can be changed in under 10 seconds means that you only buy the tools you need. The cartridge system allows new tools to be developed for new materials giving the SSC 250A virtually unlimited scalability.

Standard Equipment

  • • Two Upper Frame Quickstops
  • • Integral Counter Weight
  • • Integrated Laser Sight Line
  • • Two Production Stops
  • • Clamping System
  • • Wall Mounting Kit
  • • Acrylic scoring cartridge
  • • ACM Cutting Wheel cartridge
  • • Three blade utility cartridge cutting up to 13mm/.5in
  • • Single blade cartridge cutting up to 20mm/.75in


Additional information

Weight 197 lbs
Dimensions 124 × 14 × 11 in
Max. Crosscut


Dimensions (Shop)

84"L x 119"H x 34"D

Maximum cut depth on Corrugated Plastic


Maximum polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cut depth

.5”, 13mm

Maximum foam board cut depth

.5”, 13mm

Maximum aluminum composite panel (ACP) cut depth

.16”, 4mm

Maximum MDF Cut Depth


Maximum acrylic cut depth

.25”, 6mm

Maximum Honeycomb board cut depth

.75”, 20mm

Maximum magnetic sheets cut depth

.16”, 4mm

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


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  • V Grooving Cartridge for All Machines

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  • sign making machine stand for substrate cutter. Ideal for processing medium density fibreboard (MDF), magnetic sheets

    Stand for A-Line Substrate Cutters

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  • ACM Cutting Wheel for 165A, 210A, 250A Substrate Cutters and DFC-H5 Combination Machine (qty. 1 set)

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  • Acrylic Scoring Blades for Models SSC165A, SSC210A, SSC250A, & DFC-H5 (qty. 10)

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  • Aluminum Cutting Wheel for Models SSC165A, SSC210A, and SSC250A (qty. 1 Set)

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  • V-Grooving Blade for Models SSC165A, SSC210A, SSC250A, & DFC-H5. (qty. 1)

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