The vertical panel saw & aluminum composite material (ACM) V-Grooving machines are often favored for cutting or V-Grooving aluminum composite panels. A heavily guarded saw blade virtually eliminates casual operator contact from the saw blade, preventing errors that happen when being exposed to a live, rotating circular saw blade.

Sizing Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) with one Machine

The Saw & Router Combination machines allow for cutting or V-Grooving a full sized panel without an exposed, rotating circular saw blade, or router bit. Changing from the circular saw head to the router head can be done in under a minute by unscrewing two thumb screws, and simply replacing it with whichever you are not using. These machines only occupy 30 square feet of shop space when setup.

Dust Free Substrate Cutters

Cutting or routing aluminum without dust can be done with the three vertical substrate cutters. The optional V-Grooving Cartridge makes vertical cuts while allowing gravity to hold the panel down on the frame of the machine.  Substrate cutters are ideal for shops that do lower volume ACM fabrication.

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Showing all 6 results