Desktop Cutting Solutions

Safety Speed’s Desktop Cutting Solutions are the ideal solution for cutting PVC, foam, and can cut up to half an inch thick.

Offerings include:

Artemis Safety Ruler: A portable safety ruler with ridge for greater protection, stainless steel rod providing a second layer of protection from a knife blade when making cuts. This product does not cut. Available in: 24”, 40”, 60”, 80”, 100.”

Europa: Cutting on an aluminum rail, it must rest on a flat surface to make cuts and offers easy portability. It’s strongly recommended to be used with a cutting mat underneath this machine. Includes 100 utility blades, acrylic scoring blade and a textile blade. Available in 60”, 100”, 120.”

Nemesis: Mounted on a work table with manual elevators, screws fasten the Nemesis onto an existing table while containing the same rail cutter and core components as the Europa. Available in 60”, 100”, 120.”

Kronos: Mounted on an 11″ wide aluminum base with hinges, and featuring a narrow groove that accepts the blade tip during cutting. It’s self-adjusting hinge and lift arm assembly allows the cutter to flatly cut materials longer than itself, up to ½” thick. It contains the same rail cutter as the Europa and Nemesis. Available in 60”, 100”, 120”.

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Showing all 5 results