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Introducing our SPM101EZ Screw Pocket Machine

SPM101EZ Screw Pocket Machine

The SPM101EZ Screw Pocket Machine debuted today at AWFS. This portable screw pocket machine weighs only 66 lbs and is very portable. “Our engineering team did an impeccable job in making this idea a reality.  In fact, this SPM101EZ Screw Pocket machine is engineered with many of the same features that have made our SPM301 & SPM301HD Screw Pocket Machines a vital part of our company after debuting in 2014.  This machine is a home run for our company and becomes our lowest priced woodworking machine under the Safety Speed brand” remarked President, Brian Donahue.

Key features include:

  • A two in one motion, machining a pocket and drilling a pilot hole
  • Machining screw pockets at a 6 degree angle
  • An “EZ” Action Lever for Machining Screw Pocket and Pilot Hole
  • Adjustable for material thicknesses ranging from ½” to 1 ½”

Click here to download our SPM101EZ Sales Sheet

This portable screw pocket machine is engineered for customers pocketing “just enough” material and need similar capabilities of our SPM301 and SPM301HD Screw Pocket Machines.

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