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Benefits of Cutting & Routing Vertically

5', and 10' frame on Safety Speeds vertical panel saw


Cutting panels without gravity assisting can be a stressful task for woodworking shops. Panel saws cut more accurately than any other cutting method while providing many safety benefits to the operator. Panel Saws and routers reduce exposure to a saw blade rotating at over 5,000 revolutions per minute. The vertical positioning of the panel on the frame prevents the operator from bending over when making a cut. Cutting and routing vertically has many benefits beyond the two mentioned above, including: 

Vertical Positioning for Panels

One person easily handles full sized sheets accurately and safely, while holding tight cutting tolerances, ranging from 1/32” to .005” straight and square.

Cutting and Routing with One Machine

An easily interchangeable saw and router carriage on the Saw & Router combination Machines allow the motors to be interchanged within 60 seconds. The saw rotates easily and router that maintains a perfect depth

Panel Saws require an 8” or 8.25” blade with the proper tooth configuration based on the material being cut. You can find them from your local supplier or favorite online store.

The Router Motors require ¼” or ½” shank bits for many applications, again directly from your local supplier or online store. 

Heavily Guarded Saw Blade

A heavily guarded saw blade eliminates almost all casual operator contact from the saw blade, preventing accidental injuries that can happen with other cutting methods more easily.

Low Maintenance Bearing & Guide Rail Systems

Steel guides aid in accurate cuts with cut tolerances ranging from .030” to .005” straight and square.  All extruded, machined, welded, and aligned in Minnesota.

vertical panel saw guide rails

Rugged Construction

One piece steel welded frame with a fully welded guide tube carriage. A center frame with two pieces of square steel tubing rotated at a 45-degree angle to strengthen the integrity of the frame.  The 7000, and 7400 models feature a heavy-duty frame with a stand integrated within the frame of the machine.  

Built-in Rulers

Use included vertical and horizontal tapes on the machine to make your measurements and cutting accurate and quickly.  Measure and mark your cuts while your panel is sitting on the machine with built in horizontal and vertical rulers.

Material Rollers

3” Heavy duty material rollers utilizing 3/4” maintenance free bearings for easily loading and unloading panels.   Available in three different options: injection molded plastic, upgraded nylatron, and heavy-duty aluminum.

Dust Port

Included port near saw blade allowing dust coming off the saw blade to be directed right into the collection hose when added.    Add an optional dust collection kit for most efficient collection and saw operation to connect to your existing system or purchase a standalone vacuum that really “sucks”.

Industrial Grade Motors

Ranging from 1.75 horsepower to 3.25 horsepower and capable of cutting through material up to 2”” thick. Several different types of motors are offered on our machines, including  a heavy-duty induction motor, a servo motor, a worm driven motor, or even a simple circular saw motor made to fit our machine perfectly. 

Simple Controls

Easy operation for all environments.  We like to think of our equipment as “Plug and Play” once all operators have been safely trained on how to use and maintain the machine. 

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