The Preferred Solution for High Production Dado’s, Rabbet’s, V-Grooving and Cutting

Cut space and increase production with an American Made machine that does two essential tasks in woodworking and sign making shops: cutting, routing & V-Grooving.  Invest in a saw and router combination machine. Easily interchangeable in under a minute, the saw and router head locks in place at 90-degree increments for cutting and routing in a horizontal or vertical position.

Routing capabilities include making plow and cross dado’s, rabbet’s, and V-Grooving for sign makers. Routing features include a floating router head allowing the router to plunge into, and raise out of the panel at any time. Additionally routing accessories include four clamps, and dado stops. 

The “U” in the machine name means that the saw and router are upgraded to our 3 Hp worm driven saw motor and 3 ¼ Hp, heavy-duty router motor motors and feature upgraded aluminum material rollers.

The “A” in the machine name means that the machine is accessorized with several accessories.

The “ACM” in the machine name indicates that the machine is made specifically for sign makers, that cut and V-Groove Aluminum Composite Material (ACM). 

All machines include a MID-WAY® Fence, MID-WAY Fence Flip Stop, and four material clamps for processing material at waist level and at the bottom of the machine. 

Call us today at (763) 755-1600 and speak with Tom Huston to determine which one is right for you!

Key benefits on these machines include:

Vertical Positioning for Panels
One person easily handles full sized sheets accurately and safely

Rotating Saw and Router Head
A rotating saw and router head allow you to cut and rout horizontally (rip) or vertically (cross) by rotating it at 90° increments and locking it in position

Heavily Guarded Saw Blade
A heavily guarded saw blade eliminates casual operator contact from the saw blade, preventing accidental errors that happen with other cutting methods

Low Maintenance Bearing & Guide System
Provides support in making precise cuts with cut tolerances ranging from 1/64” of an inch straight and square

Rugged Construction
One piece steel welded frame with a one piece welded guide tube carriage

Built-in Rulers
Measure and mark your cuts while your panel is sitting on the machine with horizontal and vertical rulers

Material Rollers
Utilizing 3/4” bearings for easily loading and unloading panels.

Dust Port
Allows for dust to be transported to vacuum with our dust collection kit

Industrial Grade Motors
Ranging from 1 3/4 Horsepower to 3 1/4 Horsepower and capable of cutting through material up to 1 3/4” thick