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SR5UA ACM router and panel saw combination machine

Key benefits on our Vertical Panel Saws and Routers include:

  • Efficient, one person operation
  • Small footprint 
  • Reduced chance of causal operator contact with additional safety features protecting the saw blade and router bit

Safety Speed machines have become an essential tool in woodworking and sign making shops across the world, lasting up to 20 years with minimal maintenance required. Your business is our business; when something unexpected comes up with your machine, a Safety Speed team member from our Minnesota factory will troubleshoot, diagnose, and get your machine up and running in minimal time.

Our SR5U, Saw & Router Combination Machine provides the ideal solution for woodworkers that do an equal amount of routing and cutting. Featuring an easily interchangeable rotating saw and router head allowing you to lock it in place at 90 degree increments for horizontal or vertical routing and cutting. Key features of the SR5U include:

  • A welded steel frame and guide tubes. Additional steel is welded on a diagonal plane within the frame, providing additional support for cutting heavier material.
  • 3 horsepower SKIL worm drive motor.
  • Porter Cable Heavy Duty Router
  • 64″ maximum crosscut
  • 62” maximum vertical routing
  • Cut tolerance within 1/64” straight and square.

Looking for a Saw & Router machine for cutting and routing sign making or architectural products like ACM? Learn more about our SR5UA ACM, Panel Saw & Router Combination Machine

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