Cutting and routing full sized panels is often a job that’s dreaded in the shop due to effort required or fear of getting too close to exposed tooling. The SR5 Saw & Router combination machine features a heavily guarded blade and can be changed from a saw to a router in under a minute, all while delivering an accuracy of 1/64” straight and square. The SR5 & is ideal for shops doing extensive cutting, and dado or rabbet routing. The interchangeable motor carriage features a rotating saw and router for sizing panels by pushing the panel through and making a ripcut, or by letting gravity take control and pushing the saw or router down for making a vertical crosscut. The patented self-adjusting, floating router carriage provides a consistent depth of cut. Our MID-WAY Fence® allows for processing smaller panels at waist level. If both panel cutting and routing are part of your operation, why not consider one machine that will do both?

Note that you can use either 1/4″ or 1/2″ collet router bits for the router. These router bits can be found at your hardware store of choice. 


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For shops with limited space, this versatile machine is ideal where both panel sizing and panel routing are required. Ask about our V-grooving package.

Standard Equipment 

  • 3 ¼ Hp, 15 amp Milwaukee Tool saw motor.
  • 1 ¾ Hp, 11 amp Milwaukee Tool router motor.
  • 10 ft. welded steel frame.
  • Chrome-plated 1 ¾” guide tubes.
  • 8 Nylatron roller bearing system.
  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers.
  • Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting.
  • Enclosed counterweight system.
  • Integrated dust collection bonnet.
  • Thin material pressure guard.
  • Injection molded plastic rollers
  • Adjustable floating router head.
  • MID-WAY FENCE™ with stop.
  • MID-WAY FENCE™ flip stop.
  • 4 material clamps.
  • 2 blind dado stops.
  • Extended warranty.
  • TUV certified to UL/CSA standards.

Additional information

Weight 538 lbs
Dimensions 120 x 11 x 83in
Maximum cutting height


Max. Rip Cut


Max. Cut Thickness

1 3/4"/45mm

Cut Accuracy, Straight and Square


Saw Blade Diameter


Circular Saw Motor amperage

15 amps

Circular Saw Motor Manufacturer

Milwaukee Tool

Router Motor Amperage

11 amps

Router Motor Manufacturer

Milwaukee Tool

Frame Length


Router Bit Collet

1/4" or 1/2" collet router bits.


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  • vertical panel saw dust kit

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  • 60 tooth circular saw blade

    8″ Saw Blade for Vertical Panel Saws

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  • vertical panel saw accessory packages

    Gold, Silver, and Bronze Accessory Packages for Vertical Panel Saws

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  • QUICK STOP® Gauge for making repetitive cuts on your panel saw

    5′ or 8′ QUICK STOP® Gauge for all Machines

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  • Stop Bar for H4, H5, H6, 6400, 6800, 7000, 7400, SR5, SR5U, SR5A, SR5UA, 3400

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  • wheels for the top portable saw

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  • vertical saw accessory

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