SawGear Auto Length Stop for 7400 Panel Saw

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Specify the SawGear for improved accuracy and reduced waste.  The SawGear automatic length stop system gives the operator a simple automated stop solution to improve repeatability and accuracy while eliminating steps for the operator.  The SawGear is intuitive and simple to operate and attaches to you 7400 Vertical Panel Saw. SawGear quickly comes to position with accuracy of +/-.008” with a standard working length of 8’.

Also available for models 6400, 7000, SR5, SR5U with frame modification for $299.

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With thinning margins and heavy competition you need a competitive advantage. A Safety Speed Vertical Panel Saw with SAWGEAR™ will give you that advantage by improving accuracy and overall job quality while reducing waste and rework. Simply enter a dimension on the keypad, SAWGEAR™ will move, slap your material against the stop and the cut can be made. The keypad is simple and intuitive, allowing anyone to become a cutting pro in just minutes. Available on 7400 saws built after June 1st, 2012.


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