The EF5 is designed for businesses cutting up to 8 hours daily, with multiple operators cutting throughout the day. The maximum crosscut on the EF5 is 64″, with a 1.75″ cut depth, and unlimited length ripcut.  It includes a dust collection kit, upgraded aluminum rollers, and additional steel welded at a diagonal plane.  The EF5 includes dust collection and is ready to connect to your vacuum of choice.

The smart, servo motor on the EF5 has been rigorously tested for several years by our engineers, and a few customers using several of our vertical panel saws in day-to-day operations. Our customers were instrumental in identifying changes along the multi-year process of developing this machine. It continuously performed in high usage settings with multiple operators, cutting continuously throughout the day. The motor is capable of being set between 500 and 5500 revolutions per minute (RPM) and precise cuts can depend on appropriately setting  the RPM.

The motors smaller frame and lighter weight allows us to provide it on one of our mid-level frames helping reach a higher performance cutting threshold at a lower cost than our 7000, 7400, 7400XL models that have been in circulation for over 30 years.



Standard Equipment

  • 10 ft. welded steel frame.
  • Chrome-plated 1 3/4″ guide tubes.
  • 8 Nylatron roller bearing systems.
  • Adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers.
  • Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting.
  • Thin material pressure guard.
  • Solid aluminum material rollers.
  • Enclosed counterweight system.
  • Integrated dust collection system.

Additional information

Weight598 lbs
Dimensions124 × 17 × 92 in
Max. Crosscut


Max. Rip Cut


Cut Depth

1 ¾"/45mm

Cut Accuracy


Frame Length


Daily Usage

Continuous (8+ Hours)



Saw Blade Diameter



13 amp, 120V

Revolutions per minute

500-550 revolutions per minute


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