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3 Ways To Cut Substrates Without Dust And Noise

sign making substrate cutter for processing substrate panels

Dust has always been an unwanted byproduct when cutting panels down to size with a saw. It becomes even a greater problem when you are required to cut your panels indoors. Especially if you have expensive equipment nearby such as computers, printers, phone equipment, etc. One way of solving this problem is to use a substrate cutter that utilizes some kind of knife cartridge system.

Due to strong customer demand, Safety Speed Mfg. is now offering the SSC 165 and SSC 210 vertical substrate cutters as a truly affordable and accurate cutting solution for sign and graphic production shops. These units are designed to cut cleanly and accurately without dust and noise. With four interchangeable tool cartridges, users will be able to process a wide range of sign material with ease. Processing includes scoring, cutting and v grooving.

In addition, the new SSC 165H was developed as a vertical panel saw and substrate cutter all in one. Brian Donahue, President, Safety Speed Mfg., stated “Combine dust and noise free cutting with a panel saw and now you can cut just about any material in your shop the way you want to cut it. Customers can cut material up to 1 ¾”, cut multiple sheets, v groove aluminum composite, score acrylic, and rip sheet goods up to 10 feet all with one machine saving thousands of dollars in equipment purchases and labor. The SSC 165H was developed to offer our new and existing customer base an affordable multi-function cutting solution.”

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